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Our Business Spanish program is focused to business people, executives, guides, travel agents, managers, secretaries, social workers, officers, etc. This program includes an Internship in a local company. Immerse yourself in the cultural and business heart of Latin America, and benefit from this uniquely rewarding personal and professional experience. You'll have the opportunity to enhance career prospects and learn new language skills.

Spanish for Business is geared towards students who have reached Intermediate level of Spanish command. Topics are selected according to the students' interests and needs. Aim is utilizing previously adquired knowlege in a specific field, business and finance in countries of MERCOSUR, Argentina in particular. You will improve your Spanish skills and perform a variety of tasks in your work field. Foment your communication ability in Spanish.

The study of the economy of the region is not focused thoroughly and in depth as if you took an Economy course. The contents focused in this course are the ones related to speaking, listening, reading and writting in the new context in where a foreigner working or wishing to work in Argentina lives.
Recommended modality: One-to-one classes, as a supplement to group classes (or independently).


Requirements: at least Intermediate level of Spanish.

Duration: 20 private classes.


- Countries of MERCOSUR. Economic Activities.

- Economic integration in Iberamerica. Present Agreements and historical attempts. Discussion over ALCA.

- Argentina. The Agriculture. Regional economic activities: examples of local production Multinational corporations and culture. Franchising. Marketing.

- Daily life in Buenos Aires: banking tramits ans paperwork, seaking for a home and a job. 



- Adequate listening modality to purpose and text.
- Listening to the whole before initiating the resolution of comprehension activity.
- Listen to understand globally.
- Listen to gather specific information.
- Resolve difficulties that arise during listening.
- Consider that undertanding a text goes beyond the words that constitute it.
- Resolve doubts by establishing relations with known words.
- Supporting yourself in non-verbal indicators when type of interaction allows it.
- Adecuate listening modality to purpose and text.
- Read complete text before initiating resolution of any comprehension activity.
- Read to comprehend globally.
- Read to gather specific information.
- Read to make a revision of the written part , to reformulate , to self- correct and to rewrite.
- Resolve difficulties that may appear during reading.
- Consider comprehension of a text goes beyond knowledge of its words.
- Recognize clues that each text may offer for comprehension.
- Resolve doubts by estableshing relations with known words or consulting the diccionary.

- Produce different type of oral texts.
- Participating in extended oral situations: telling /exposure of work experiencies , expose on a subject of study, discuss /argue over polemical subjects.
- Participating in brief oral exchanges: requesting information , ask and answer questions..
- Taking into account the enunciative context ,the enunciative position of the speaker / counterpart, type of goals, Space - temporal axes.
- Consider basic patterns of intonation and pronunciation in Spanish.
- Using strategies to resolve difficulties during oral production.
- Participate in extended oral exchanges: telling work experiences , expose over a subject of study , discuss over polemic subjects.
Taking into account contect of enunciation: enunciative position, enunciotive position of the counterpart, types of goals, tempoaral-space

- Producing differentes types of written texts.
- Writing a CV, e-mail or letters to requiere, request, complain or respond complaints or requests.
- Enumerate points to be developed taking into account type of text to be written and context of enunciation.
- Writing the text consulkting doubts with the teacher and going to other written sources.
- Revising and correcting.
- Reread and correct drafts with the aid of the teacher.
- Discuss errors and accurate work with the teacher.
- Making a final of the text.
- Self-correcting.

PROGRAM FEES - Business Spanish Immersion Program
US$ 1.000 for 20 one-to-one classes, includes  all mate
rials and books. It can be combined with General Spanish Programs at published prices, what is advisable.

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