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Spanish language school in Bariloche, Patagonia

Bariloche in Patagonia

Spanish Courses in Bariloche

Bariloche, a small town surrounded by lakes, valleys and forests in the Andes Range.
One of the most important tourist city of Argentina, called "The Switzerland of South America", offers you the apportunity to learn Spanish and enjoy its beautiful nature.


The school 

The building of our school in Patagonia has 20 classrooms, Computer Room (15 PC with Internet Access), Library.
You can plan your own Spanish program combining our schools and locations.
method, level, all materials, books and the teaching quality are the same in all our schools.
We always guarantee the best service.
Spanish classes in Patagonia
You can take group or private classes, and star
t any weekday year-round.
We offer seven Spanish levels.
Prestigious Institutions recommend our Spanish programs.


All teachers are full-time teachers of Spanish with several years' experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners. All teachers have university and Masters' degrees in Education or Literature.


Each group course has a maximum of 5 students to provide a more personalized teaching.
The average is 3 students per group.


At the conclusion of your program, you will receive a DEGREE of completion of the Spanish Language Course with the following information: length, goals and level, and the number of hours you were present in class.

Individual clases in Patagonia ArgentinaGroup classes in Bariloche Patagonia

Program A:   Please ask

Type of Program: Group classes.
Frequency: 20 classes per week (4 hours per day).
Length of each class: 60 minutes per class.
Small groups: average of students per class: 3 students.
Max. students per class: 6 students.

Program B:    Please ask

Type of Program: Private classes.
Frequency: from 10 to 40 classes per week (you can choose frequency).
Length of each class: 45 minutes per class.

Program C:    Please ask

Type of Program: Group and private classes.
Frequency: 20 group classes + 10 private classes per week.
Length of each class: 60/45 minutes per class.
Max. students per group class: 6 students. Average of students per group class: 3 students.

The teaching program is complemented with the study plan SPANISH OUT OF THE CLASSROOM: short trips, outings and several activities where students have the opportunity to use the language and deal with different communicative everyday situations.



Private room:
 Please ask (breakfast & dinner included, 7 nights).-
Accommodations at local family homes
Comfortable private and double rooms.
Breakfast and dinner provided at home.
Students are able to cook and use the home as if it were their own.


The host family has the advantage that you can practice your Spanish all the time. Living standards are either similar than in Europe or North America. Family homes are located in neighborhoods near the school and the center of the city, walking distance from the school. All families have been carefully selected and are monitored so that your home stay experience is to your complete satisfaction.

Airport pick-up is not included in bariloche

The City Bariloche Patagonia Argentina

San Carlos de Bariloche Town is one of the most important tourist resorts of Argentina, and it is the most populated town of Río Negro Province.
It lies 770 metres above sea level and 1650 km from
Buenos Aires (Capital District).
It offers excellent tourist facilities and services to 650.000 persons w
ho visit it every year.
Nature as well as the different activities offered vary according to the season, whether it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn.         

Social Activities

All the courses are complemented with the Plan "Spanish out of the classroom", where the students -accompanied by the teacher- can check their language learning involving themselves in different communicative situations.

* Shopping in town. 
* A visit to the Patagonia Museum.
* Outings to different places to see the typical arquitecture of the area.
* A visit to the Local Library.
* A visit to the Post Office, Tourist Office and Town Hall.
* Visits to art exhibitions and cultural events.
* Interviews/meetings with professionals, artists, business people, teachers or other person that students  find of interest.


# PASO FLORES (estepa patagónica)
  (ride on the Old Patagonian Express)




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